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Sporting Trivia Challenge: The Big Quiz

Trivia about Sports

Have you ever wondered about the history of sports? We know that sport extends back to the Ancient times. And although we can’t pinpoint it directly, we know that the physical activity that developed into sports had early links with ritual, warfare and entertainment. The Sporting Trivia Challenge: The Big Quiz will put even the most devoted sports fans to the test. With 10 questions you can put your sporting knowledge to the test and prove just how much you know.

With questions ranging from tennis to golf, the Sporting Trivia Challenge: The Big Quiz really does have it all. Take the quiz now to find out if you can be one of our champions. Will you get all 10 questions correct? You can even have a bit of friendly competition with your friends by sharing the quiz with them to find out who can get the highest score!

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    Which South American country won the first ever FIFA World Cup?

    • Uruguay
    • Peru
    • Chile
    • Columbia
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    Who did John McEnroe defeat in the final to win his first Wimbledon singles title?

    • Bjorn Borg
    • Jimmy Connors
    • Kevin Curren
    • Chris Lewis
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    In which country would you find the Allianz Arena sports stadium?

    • Germany
    • France
    • England
    • Finland
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    The Wimbledon men’s singles winner gets a trophy, what does the women’s winner get?

    • A plate
    • A trophy
    • A medal
    • An urn
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    Which of these won their third successive Wimbledon title in 1968?

    • Billie Jean-King
    • Ilana Kloss
    • Martina Navratilova
    • Margaret Court
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    In which city were the 1984 Olympics held?

    • Los Angeles
    • Moscow
    • Barcelona
    • Glasgow
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    In which country would you find the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu sports stadium?

    • Spain
    • France
    • Russia
    • Portugal
  • Question of

    Where were the 1988 Olympics held?

    • Seoul
    • Moscow
    • Los Angeles
    • Madrid
  • Question of

    Which golfer is known as the “Big Easy”?

    • Ernie Els
    • Kevin Na
    • Ted Tryba
    • Steve Elkington
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    In which Olympic event do athletes wear shoes with perforations to allow for drainage?

    • Steeplechase
    • Beach volleyball
    • Marathon
    • Basketball

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