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2010 Music Hits Trivia Quiz Game

Trivia about Music And Artists From 2010

Play the 2010 Music Hits Trivia Quiz today!

The 2010 era of music saw the rise of national pop stars into global superstars and national icons. Particularly for famous female musicians and solo artists, the 2010s was a huge decade for celebrity and fame out side of the music industry itself.

Lady Gaga, who saw huge success in this era, has been credited by some as being the first artist who really reached the hight of global multimedia megastar in this period.

In this quiz, your knowledge of music from the 2010s era will be truly put to the test! If you love music from this time period then you should have a good advantage getting into the Music And Artists From 2010 Trivia.

Good luck competing in the 2010 Music Hits Trivia Quiz Game.e

  • Question of

    In what year was Robin Thicke born?

    • 1977
    • 1970
    • 1972
  • Question of

    J’ust Give Me a Reason’ appears on which Pink album?

    • The Truth About Love
    • Can’t Take Me Home
    • Missundaztood
  • Question of

    Keyboardist Ray Manzarek died in Germany in 2013, which band did he play with?

    • The Doors
    • Jim Morrison
    • Pink Floyd
  • Question of

    Nicki Minaj had a 2012 hit with ‘Pound the…..’?

    • Alarm
    • Can
    • Drum
  • Question of

    One Republic had a 2011 hit with…?

    • Good Life
    • Good Day
    • Good Evening
  • Question of

    Sara Bareilles had a 2010 hit with ‘King of…’?

    • Anything
    • Everything
    • Me
  • Question of

    Scott Weiland was fired from which band in 2013?

    • Stone Temple Pilots
    • My Chemical Romance
    • Blink 182
  • Question of

    Jay-Z announced his new album during which 2013 playoff series?

    • NBA Finals
    • World Series
    • MLS Cup

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