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Noughties Music Trivia Challenge

Trivia about Back To The Noughties Music

Play the Noughties Music Trivia Challenge today!

Most teens of the 1990s era will likely remember this decade for hit songs like Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love”, Usher’s “Yeah”, Outcast’s “Hey Ya” and Britney Spear’s “Toxic” – to name just a few! As teens in this decade will remember, these songs were mainstays on radio, TV music channels like MTV, and DJ sets in nightclubs!

Anyone with a love of this era of music should have a go at the Back To The 90s Music Trivia and see how far their knowledge really extends when it comes to music hits of the ‘90s. If you’re on of the millennials that grew up on these hits then you also should be in with a very good chance of scoring high in the Noughties Music Trivia Challenge.

Good luck and remember to share your results when you’re done with the quiz!

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    Which singer had a sing and album named ‘Circus’ in 2008?

    • Britney Spears
    • Lady Gaga
    • Kelly Clarkson
  • Question of

    Who did Christina Aguilera team up with to record ‘Nobody Wants to Be Lonely’

    • Ricky Martin
    • Enrique Iglesias
    • Marc Anthony
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    Who featured in the TI hit ‘Dead and Gone’?

    • Justin Timberlake
    • Jay Sean
    • Dr Dre
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    Who featured on Rihanna’s smash hit ‘Umbrella’?

    • Jay Z
    • Akon
    • Usher
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    Who featured on the 2002 Eve hit ‘Gangsta Lovin’?

    • Alicia Keys
    • Gwen Stefani
    • Beyonce
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    Who featured on the 2004 Outkast No.1 ‘The Way You Move’?

    • Sleepy Brown
    • Yes
    • 50 Chapters
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    Who featured on the 2009 David Guetta hit ‘When Love Takes Over’?

    • Kelly Rowland
    • Kelly Clarkson
    • Alicia Keys
  • Question of

    Who featured with Beyonce on the 2007 hit ‘Beautiful Liar’?

    • Shakira
    • Avril Lavigne
    • Lady Gaga

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