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2000s Music Trivia Quiz: The Challenge

Trivia about Music Hits From 2000s

Play the 2000s Music Trivia Quiz today!

Can you take a guess at which artist produced the No 1 selling song of the 2000s? If do you should have a go at the Music Hits From 2000s Trivia as you’ll be quizzed on questions just like this one and others in this quick fire question round!

In the quiz you’ll face questions on Green Day as well as other sellout artists in this decade! How well do you know music in the 2000s?

Good luck competing in the Music Hits From 2000s Trivia and remember to share your results when you have finished the quiz! We also have lots of other quizzes just like this one in our library so remember to check out those when you’re done.

  • Question of

    Which band had a No.1 hit with ‘The Hand That Feeds was a No.1 hit for which band in 2006?

    • Nine Inch Nails
    • All American Rejects
    • Fallout Boy
  • Question of

    Which band is Matt Bellamy the front man for?

    • Muse
    • Blink 182
    • Smash Mouth
  • Question of

    Which female singer had a hit with ‘Who Knew’ in 2007?

    • Pink
    • Kelly Clarkson
    • Beyonce
  • Question of

    Which is the correct title of a 2003 Chingy hit?

    • Right Thurr
    • Left Thurr
    • North Thurr
  • Question of

    Which month did Green Day want to be woken at the end of in 2005?

    • September
    • June
    • July
  • Question of

    Which popstar had a 2000 hit with, ‘My Love is Your Love’?

    • Whitney Houston
    • Celine Dion
    • Mariah Carey
  • Question of

    Which rap star had a hit with ‘Izzo’ in 2001?

    • Jay Z
    • Eminem
    • Dr Dre
  • Question of

    Which RnB star had a hit with ‘Ride Wit’ Me’ in 2001?

    • Nelly
    • Nas
    • Usher

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