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60s Music Quiz: The Song Lyric Challenge

Trivia about The Ultimate 1960s Song Lyrics

In this 60s Music Quiz: The Song Lyric Challenge you can test you and your friends’ knowledge of this legendary era of music. The age of Rock reached its peak in the ‘60s as it captured the mood and spirt of the age – when surf rock, folk rock and soul music rose to the fore. Take a trip down memory lane with this quiz and recall some of the now infamous song lyrics of the era.

The swinging 1960s was, and still is, a defining era for music: it was the age that heralded many now iconic bands like the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and The Rolling Stones – to name just a few golden oldies of the ‘60s!

Whether you remember the sounds of the 60s or are a younger fan of these now iconic artists, 60s Music Quiz: The Song Lyric Challenge is fun pastime for all ages.

  • Question of

    “I may not always love you” is the first line of which Beach Boys hit?

    • God Only Knows
    • Surfin’ USA
    • California Girls
    • Good Vibrations
  • Question of

    “Love is like a merry go round” is a lyric in which 1967 song?

    • Puppet on a String
    • Help
    • Twist and Shout
    • Lady Madonna
  • Question of

    According to Gerry and the Pacemakers what should you do when you walk through a storm?

    • Hold your head up high
    • Reach up to the sky
    • Get your umbrella
    • Look for shelter nearby
  • Question of

    According to the first verse of My Way, the singer is facing the final what?

    • Curtain
    • Countdown
    • Showdown
    • Journey
  • Question of

    According to the lyrics of Three Steps to Heaven, what is Step 1?

    • Find a girl to love
    • Hold her tight
    • She falls in love with you
    • Kiss her
  • Question of

    Carole King sang that it might as well rain until which month?

    • September
    • July
    • December
    • March
  • Question of

    Doing the locomotion is easier than what, according to Little Eva?

    • Learning your ABC
    • Counting to three
    • Falling in love
    • Tying your shoelaces
  • Question of

    How long was Cliff Richard on a Summer Holiday for?

    • A week or two
    • A few days
    • Up to a month
    • All summer
  • Question of

    How many steps were there to heaven in the lyrics of the 1960 Eddie Cochran hit?

    • 3
    • 5
    • 9
    • 1
  • Question of

    In A Change is Gonna Come, Sam Cooke was born in what by the river?

    • Tent
    • Cottage
    • Barn
    • Treehouse

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