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Working Trivia: The Ultimate Job Quiz

Trivia about different jobs

In the Working Trivia: The Ultimate Job Quiz we are giving you 10 questions about careers and job roles that people do. All you need to do be one of our champions is to answer the 10 questions correctly. It may sound easy but some of these jobs you may never have heard of so it won’t be a walk in the park.

We’ve got everything from oncologist to cosmetologist in the quiz.

Don’t delay! Take the quiz now to find out how many questions you can guess correctly. And don’t forget to share your results so you can show off to all your friends and family! They may even want to play the Working Trivia: The Ultimate Job Quiz themselves to try and beat your score!

  • Question of

    If you acquire and disseminate books and other resources for use by the public, what is your job?

    • Librarian
    • Rock star
    • Shop assistant
    • Proofreader
  • Question of

    What is another name for a cosmetologist?

    • Beautician
    • Astronomer
    • Child minder
    • Geographer
  • Question of

    What is a horse doctors professional name?

    • Equine veterinarian
    • Jockey
    • Horse practitioner
    • Horseman
  • Question of

    What does a (No Suggestions) make?

    • Wigs
    • Picture frames
    • Pots
    • Paper
  • Question of

    What might a waitress also be called?

    • Server
    • Speaker
    • Player
    • Fighter
  • Question of

    What does an oncologist study?

    • Cancer
    • Brain disease
    • Heart disease
    • Asthma
  • Question of

    What does a pharmacologist develop?

    • Medicines
    • Photographs
    • Computer software
    • Financial strategies
  • Question of

    If you develop scripts for the theatre, what is your job?

    • Playwright
    • Director
    • Producer
    • Actor
  • Question of

    What does a pharmacist dispense?

    • Drugs
    • Food
    • Lottery tickets
    • Money
  • Question of

    If you studied fossils, what would your job be?

    • Paleontologist
    • Pharmacist
    • Chiropractor
    • Physiotherapist

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