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Renowned Businesses Trivia: The Big Challenge

Trivia about what you know about Businesses

Since the Industrial Revolution, businesses have entered a new era roughly every 50 years. The businesses and their owners featured in the Renowned Businesses Trivia: The Big Challenge have all made it in the respective fields becoming household names.

The quiz will put to test all your knowledge of successful businesses. With 10 questions about household names ranging from eBay to Apple, this quiz will have you racking your brain looking for the answers.

So, why wait? Take the Renowned Businesses Trivia: The Big Challenge now to find out how well you can do. And be sure to share your results so you can show off to your family and friends.

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    At what age did Spotify founder Daniel Ek start his very first company?

    • 14
    • 20
    • 17
    • 19
  • Question of

    Former Dragon’s Den contestant James Caan was formerly known as what?

    • Nazim Khan
    • Amir Khan
    • Jonathan Khan
    • Joe Khan
  • Question of

    Fred DeLuca founded which fast food outlet?

    • Subway
    • McDonalds
    • Burger King
    • Nandos
  • Question of

    How many questions does Duncan Bannatyne cover in his book ‘** questions everyone in business needs to answer’?

    • 37
    • 25
    • 10
    • 50
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    In what country was chicken restaurant Nando’s founded?

    • South Africa
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Costa Rica
  • Question of

    In what field did Karren Brady work following her A Levels?

    • Advertising
    • Engineering
    • Education
    • Cleaning
  • Question of

    In what town was the very first Lush store opened?

    • England
    • France
    • Spain
    • USA
  • Question of

    In what year did eBay purchase Gumtree from it’s founders Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall?

    • 2005
    • 2002
    • 2001
    • 1998
  • Question of

    In what year did Pierre Omidyar create eBay?

    • 1995
    • 1990
    • 1956
    • 2010
  • Question of

    In what year did Steve Jobs sadly pass away?

    • 2011
    • 2009
    • 2005
    • 1998

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