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The Famous Businesses Trivia Quiz

Trivia about CEOs and their Businesses

Do you ever fantasise about being a successful businessperson? Do you want to be the next Steve Jobs or James Caan? The Famous Businesses Trivia Quiz has 10 questions about global businesses and their CEOs that, even if you don’t know the answers, may shed some light on how to be a success.

The quiz covers everything from everything from previous ventures to the lengths of their careers. Therefore, it will reveal a huge amount of information that may point you in the right direction. Who knows, you may already know all the answers and get 10 out of 10 on the quiz.

The only way to find out is to take the Famous Businesses Trivia Quiz now to see what score you can get. Be sure to share the quiz and your results with family and friends to show off all your knowledge.

  • Question of

    In what year did Steve Jobs resign from his position as CEO at Apple?

    • 2011
    • 2009
    • 1997
    • 2015
  • Question of

    In which English city was website PeoplePerHour founded?

    • London
    • Manchester
    • Brighton
    • Liverpool
  • Question of

    In which state was Starbucks founded?

    • Washington
    • Illinois
    • Texas
    • Texas
  • Question of

    Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen co-founded which website in 1998?

    • YouTube
    • Yahoo
    • Bing
    • Friendster
  • Question of

    Jonah Peretti is the founder of which website?

    • Buzzfeed
    • Psychobabble
    • Tumblr
  • Question of

    Shawn Fanning, featured in ‘The Social Network’ movie, founded which music sharing website in 1999?

    • Napster
    • Kazaa
    • WinMX
    • PirateBay
  • Question of

    The frontman of which British metal band is also the founder of clothing brand Drop Dead?

    • Bring Me The Horizon
    • Architects
    • Asking Alexandria
    • Yashin
  • Question of

    Walkers crisps were founded in 1948 by which member of the Walker family?

    • Henry
    • Jack
    • David
    • Ian
  • Question of

    What area of business expertise does Donald Trump primarily operate in?

    • Real Estate
    • Healthcare
    • Fast Food
    • Planes
  • Question of

    What business sector is James Caan known for?

    • Recruitment
    • Healthcare
    • Technology
    • Social care

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