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The Ultimate Environment Quiz

Trivia about the Ultimate Environment 

Many of us are turning towards more eco-conscious and environmentally friendly lifestyles these days, and there are many positive steps countries are making towards becoming carbon neutral in this decade. But how much do we really know about the measurable impact of global warming on our planet and the affect of the products we use?

In this 10-question Ultimate Environment Quiz round we’ll put your knowledge to the test and will be asking you questions surrounding this huge area of debate. You can expect to face questions on aerosols and their impact, carbon dioxide levels, and renewable energy in the Ultimate Environment Quiz.

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  • Question of

    Aerosols can be found in what part of the sky?

    • At all levels
    • Lower levels Only
  • Question of

    Aerosols do what to the climate?

    • All of these
    • Provide a platform for the formation of clouds
    • Increase the brightness of clouds
    • Reflect sunlight back into space
  • Question of

    All Earth’s energy can ultimately be traced back to what?

    • The sun
    • The planets
    • Geothermal sources
    • Fossil fuels
  • Question of

    An average flight from New York to Denver produces how much Carbon Dioxide approximately?

    • 1,200lbs
    • 2,200lbs
    • 7,200lbs
    • 9,200lbs
  • Question of

    Approximately how many people are have expected to have died through heart related causes due to global warming by the end of the century?

    • 150,000
    • 120,000
    • 50,000
    • 1,000
  • Question of

    Approximately how many publications were cited in the IPCC’s report on climate change in 2013?

    • 9,200
    • 920
    • 92
    • 9

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