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The Curious Geologist’s Quiz Challenge

Trivia for Curious Geologists

If you’re inquisitive about the history of the earth and its elements, then the Curious Geologist’s Quiz Challenge is one for you to try your hand at! You don’t need to be a scholar of the subject to pass this test with flying colours, but a solid interest in the subject and a sharp mind might help you as you commence this 8-question quiz round.

In the Curious Geologist’s Quiz Challenge, you’ll be tackled on your knowledge of various topics in the field of geology – from questions on rock formations, to gemstones, and volcanic eruptions and behaviour. There is an array of topical questions to pass though before you find out your final score!

When you’ve completed the Curious Geologist’s Quiz Challenge don’t forget to share your results to other contenders can see how you did!

  • Question of

    A break in the sequence of sedimentary rocks, usually seen as an eroded surface, is called… what?

    • Unconformity
    • Orphan layer
    • Erratic
    • Summer
  • Question of

    Amorphous means what in the world in geology?

    • Without shape
    • Rigid
    • Gas
    • Oil
  • Question of

    By mass, what percentage of the Earth’s crust is made up of just 8 elements?

    • 98%
    • 15%
    • 28%
    • 1%
  • Question of

    In geology, what are the distinct layers into which sedimentary rocks are divided?

    • Strata
    • Strakes
    • Steaks
    • Storks
  • Question of

    Petrology is the study of rocks from which perspective?

    • Chemical
    • Thermal
    • Biological
    • Theoretical
  • Question of

    Rocks are broken down by the elements by what gradual process?

    • Weathering
    • Burning
    • Dissolution
  • Question of

    Rocks emit which kind of radiation?

    • Gamma
    • Beta
    • Alpha
    • Delta
  • Question of

    The word geology originates from which language?

    • Greek
    • French
    • English
    • Dutch

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