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USA Geography Quiz: Trivia Challenge

Trivia about living in the U.S.A

Play the USA Geography Quiz today!

If you’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of travelling around the US you should find our U.S.A Travel Quiz a bit of a fun 10-minute test of all that knowledge you’ve no doubt acquired along the way – that is, if you’ve been giving enough thought to the history and geography of the states you’ve visited!

In this 4-question round, you’ll be facing questions on topics ranging from questions on natural landmarks, to the names of infamous streets in big US cities.

If you’re a historian with a love of North American history this USA Geography Quiz would also be a great match for you to test your skills out on. It’s a quiz jam packed full of historical facts as well as being a bit of geography test!

  • Question of

    By area, what is the second largest country in the world?

    • Canada
    • Russia
    • Australia
  • Question of

    Chicago is the largest city of which U.S state?

    • Illinois
    • Kentucky
    • Maryland
  • Question of

    Saint Lucia is an island holiday destination in which sea?

    • The Caribbean Sea
    • The Atlantic Sea
    • The Dead Sea
  • Question of

    The West Indies is located in which sea?

    • Caribbean
    • Pacific Ocean
    • Indian

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