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Rom-com Film Quiz: The Ultimate Challenge

Trivia about Romantic Movies

In the Rom-com Film Quiz: The Ultimate Challenge it is all about romance movies. In fact, everything is about romance movies. Whether you care to admit it or not, we are all partial to a romance film now and again. You know it’s going to have a happy ending and be an easy watch. So, now we’ve got to the truth and all that denial out the way, why not take part in the quiz.

We won’t tell anyone just how much of a romance movie fan you really are, your secret’s safe with us. The quiz isn’t all that easy though. Some of the questions will only be answered by the truest fans of the genre.

So, why wait? Take the Rom-com Film Quiz: The Ultimate Challenge to see how well you do. And if you do want to boast about your score feel free to share with your friends and family!

  • Question of

    What terrifying word does Sam the ghost type on Carl’s computer in “Ghost”?

    • Murderer
    • Ghost
    • Boo
    • Surprise
  • Question of

    What WWF wrestler had a role in “The Princess Bride”?

    • Andre The Giant
    • Hulk Hogan
    • Ric Flair
    • The Macho Man
  • Question of

    What’s the name of Rob’s record store in “High Fidelity”?

    • Championship Vinyl
    • Empire Records
    • Trax Vinyl
    • Collection Records
  • Question of

    Where do Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks finally meet in person in “Sleepless in Seattle”?

    • Empire State Building
    • Mount Rushmore
    • The Space Needle
    • The Grand Canyon
  • Question of

    Where do Nickie Ferrante and Terry McKay agree to meet in “An Affair to Remember”?

    • Empire State Building
    • Mount Rushmore
    • The Space Needle
    • The Grand Canyon
  • Question of

    Which romantic movie won an Academy Award for Best Picture?

    • The English Patient
    • How To Deal
    • Hope Floats
  • Question of

    Who carries Debra Winger out of the plant at the end of “An Officer & A Gentleman”?

    • Richard Gere
    • Tom Hanks
    • Tom Cruise
    • Matthew McConaughey
  • Question of

    Who directed the 1970 movie “Love Story”?

    • Arthur Hiller
    • Sydney Pollack
    • Norman Jewison
    • Jerry Zucker
  • Question of

    Who does Laura move in with after he breaks up with Rob in “High Fidelity”?

    • Ian
    • Justin
    • Barry
    • Henry
  • Question of

    Who does Meryl Streep fall in love with in “Out of Africa”?

    • Robert Redford
    • Jon Voight
    • Al Pacino
    • Burt Reynolds

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