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Old Fashioned Jobs Quiz: The Big Challenge

Trivia about people who really did those jobs

The Old Fashioned Jobs Quiz: The Big Challenge is a 10 question quiz about job roles that are no longer needed. From a Tobacco Spinners to Tallow Chandlers, the quiz really does have it all.

Have you ever wondered what jobs people used do at different points in history? Of course, with the rise of technology job roles needed have changed significantly. There are job roles that have been replaced fully by computers. And in recent times and new roles in technology have been created.

If you want to test your knowledge then take the Old Fashioned Jobs Quiz: The Big Challenge now to see how high you can score. However, make sure you share your results with family and friends to see how well they can do.

  • Question of

    Where did a mudlark work scavenging rubbish?

    • River
    • Streets
    • Fields
    • Forest
  • Question of

    In which decade did the occupation of lift operator become defunct?

    • 1950s
    • 1960s
    • 1970s
    • 1980s
  • Question of

    What did a tallow chandler make and sell?

    • Candles
    • Boots
    • Hats
    • Bread
  • Question of

    What product did a tobacco spinner make?

    • Cigars
    • Boots
    • Earrings
    • Shawls
  • Question of

    What did a cobbler make and repair?

    • Shoes
    • Gloves
    • Jewellery
    • Hats
  • Question of

    Hacker is an old term for someone who cut what?

    • Trees
    • Coal
    • Flowers
    • Cloth
  • Question of

    What did a bladesmith make?

    • Knives
    • Arrows
    • Barrels
    • Bread
  • Question of

    What is the name for the person who made things from metal?

    • Blacksmith
    • Whitesmith
    • Greensmith
    • Redsmith
  • Question of

    An anchorsmith made products for which sort of transport?

    • Ships
    • Trains
    • Buses
    • Aeroplanes
  • Question of

    What is the modern term for a boardwright?

    • Carpenter
    • Bricklayer
    • Accountant
    • Surgeon

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