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Trades Of The Past Trivia

Trivia about Trades Of The Past

There are many labours and trades that have existed in our history which we might now consider to be charming, strange, or maybe a bit sinister – think of the chimney sweep in William Blake’s poetry! This is a topic full of surprises and little intrigues that much of the world has forgotten and in our Trades Of The Past Trivia we invite you to have a go at naming a few of these lost jobs and what they involved.

In this 5 question round, our Trades Of The Past Trivia will challenge you to recall some of history’s long forgotten trades. You might remember better known jobs like the milkman, but how much do you know about trades like Gandy Dancers and Ice Cutters? This Trades Of The Past Trivia will get your minds wondering and whirling!

  • Question of

    A weigher used to weigh cargo in which location?

    • Docks
    • Train stations
    • Airports
    • Shops
  • Question of

    A catchpole is an old term for which occupation?

    • Debt collector
    • Teacher
    • Surgeon
    • Baker
  • Question of

    What did a vintner sell?

    • Wine
    • Clothes
    • Fruit
    • Fish
  • Question of

    A thatcher worked on which part of your property?

    • Roof
    • Walls
    • Garden
    • Kitchen
  • Question of

    What material did smiths work with?

    • Metal
    • Cloth
    • Plastic
    • Glass

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