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Marriage Quiz: The Great Big Test

Trivia about Marriage nuptials

The Marriage Quiz: The Great Big Test will put your knowledge of the wedding industry to the test. With just 10 quick questions about wedding practices and traditions, the quiz will have trying to remember all the things you learned from weddings you’ve attended previously. You may have even learned the answers from your own wedding.

The wedding industry evolved into what we know today between the 1920s and the 1950s. Many practices that are now considered traditional were developed during this time by advertisements and promotions. In the 1960s and 1970s saw the rise of the “destination wedding,” where the ceremony would not take place in a church and is still very popular today.

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  • Question of

    Who traditionally makes the first speech at the reception?

    • The father of the bride
    • The bridegroom
    • The mother of the bride
    • The chief bridesmaid
  • Question of

    Which of the following unusual weddings didn’t take place?

    • A ceremony in space
    • A marriage ceremony a New York state shark tank
    • A wedding in a morgue in Britain where the bride “married” her recently killed fiancé
    • A wedding where the naked bride and groom pledged vows in front of 250 clothed guests
  • Question of

    What used to be tied to the married couple’s leaving vehicle before tin cans became standard?

    • Shoes
    • An anchor
    • Jewellery
    • Mirrors
  • Question of

    At what point in the wedding service are the bride and groom actually married?

    • When the license is signed
    • When the rings are exchanged
    • When they walk into the building
    • When the confetti is thrown
  • Question of

    What is a so called shotgun wedding?

    • A hurried wedding where the bride is pregnant
    • A Wild West style wedding
    • A republican Irish wedding where guns are fired
    • A military wedding
  • Question of

    How old was Jerry Lee Lewis’ first cousin once removed Myra when he married her in the 1950s?

    • 13
    • 16
    • 20
    • 18
  • Question of

    Which was the first state in the USA to allow same sex marriage to become law?

    • Massachusett
    • California
    • Hawaii
    • New York
  • Question of

    Why does the wedding service contain the line asking if they know “any just cause and impediment” why the couple shouldn’t marry?

    • To find out if either partner was already married
    • To see if they had a transmittable disease
    • To find out whether the groom owed money
    • To see if either was promised to someone else
  • Question of

    Which religious organization arranged a mass wedding of 3500 couples in South Korea in 2012?

    • The Unification Church
    • The Quakers
    • The Amish
    • The Scientologists
  • Question of

    What did David Beckham do on his stag night?

    • A restaurant
    • Party on the Manchester United football pitch
    • A pub crawl in Paris
    • A party at a fashion shoot

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Trivia about Wedding nuptials

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