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Wedding and Marriage Trivia Quiz

Trivia about Weddings

Every year in the United States, there are approximately 2.5 million weddings. And with an average cost of $34,000 per wedding, the industry is worth more money every year. The Wedding and Marriage Trivia Quiz will test your knowledge on the wedding industry and traditions with 10 quick questions.

The quiz will put all your knowledge of the ceremony to the test. And you may even learn a few new facts to show off to your friends about. We’ve got everything from why the bride wears a veil to what throwing rice symbolises and you may struggle to get all the answers correct.

Take the Wedding and Marriage Trivia Quiz now to find out how well you can do and be sure to share your results with your family and friends 807968to show off all your knowledge. They may even want to play along themselves to test their own knowledge.

  • Question of

    Who married a Canadian President 26 years her senior at the age of 22, saying “I want to be more than a rose in my husband’s lapel”?

    • Margaret Trudeau
    • Margaret Attwood
    • Celine Dion
    • Joni Mitchell
  • Question of

    Why are wedding rings worn on the third finger of the left hand?

    • Because the Romans, who started the tradition, believed the vein underneath connected directly to the heart
    • Because that finger indicates prosperity
    • Because it sanitizes the left sinister hand
    • In case they lost the first two in battle
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    Which US President’s daughter got married in the White House in 1971, three years before her dad resigned under a cloud?

    • Tricia Nixon Cox
    • Julie Nixon Eisenhower
    • Amy Carter
    • Maureen Reagan
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    On average, how much do Canadian and American couples spend on their marriage, according to The Knot survey?

    • $28,000
    • $100,000
    • $50,000
    • $45,000
  • Question of

    Which film star married eight times, getting hitched to the same man as husband number five and husband number six?

    • Elizabeth Taylor
    • Demi Moore
    • Madonna
    • Julia Roberts
  • Question of

    Why does the bride toss her bouquet into the crowd?

    • An old English tradition saw women trying to rip off pieces of the bride’s gown to gain her good luck so to escape that, brides would toss them the bouquet
    • To indicate she’s no longer available
    • To show she’s discarding her former single life
    • To indicate who’s going to be the next bride
  • Question of

    Who drove his new bride up the Mall in London in a blue two seater Aston Martin after a 2011 wedding reportedly costing £22m?

    • Prince William
    • Prince Harry
    • Prince Charles
    • Prince Andrew
  • Question of

    Why is the bride “given away” by her father?

    • Because in olden times she was considered her father’s property
    • To signify his relief at handing responsibility for her to someone else
    • Because his job is done
    • So he can concentrate on his other children
  • Question of

    What does throwing rice symbolize at a wedding?

    • Fertility
    • Wealth
    • Good harvest
    • Good health
  • Question of

    Why does the bride wear a veil?

    • As a symbol of youth, modesty and virginity
    • So the congregation doesn’t get to see her face before her husband
    • To cover up any scars caused by smallpox
    • To conceal her identity until the service was over

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