Internet Trivia: Ultimate Challenge

Trivia about Internet sites

The Ultimate Internet Trivia will put all your knowledge about the internet to the test. Whether you remember the days before the internet or have heard about these bizarre times from your parents, we all now live in a society dominated by the internet.

But with the web being so ingrained in our daily lives, how much do you really know about it? The quiz will have you racking your brain for some answers. From Mark Zuckerberg to Jeff Bezos this quiz will cover it all and truly out you to the test.

So why wait? Take the Ultimate Internet Trivia now to find out how much you really know about the internet. You can even play against your friends by sharing the quiz with them too, you may just come out on top!

  • Question of

    In which city are the headquarters of Twitter?

    • San Francisco
    • Boston
    • Columbia
    • San Diego
  • Question of

    In which city was Mark Zuckerberg living when he invented Facebook?

    • Cambridge Massachusetts
    • Tampa
    • New Orleans
    • Cleveland
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    In which state is the HQ of Facebook?

    • California
    • Montana
    • Utah
    • Colorado
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    Jack Nickel and Jacob Dehart started which venture by investing $500 each?

    • Threadless
    • Threadbare
    • Threaddown
    • Threading
  • Question of

    Jeff Bezos worked where before founding Amazon?

    • Wall Street
    • eBay
    • Yahoo
    • Bookseller
  • Question of

    Kickstarter is what kind of innovative start up site?

    • Crowdfunding
    • Auction
    • Blog
    • E-Commerce
  • Question of

    Mark Zuckerberg draws how much annual salary as Facebook’s CEO?

    • $1
    • $100,000
    • $1,000,000
    • $10,000,000
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    Mark Zuckerberg was in his dorm room where when the thought up Facebook?

    • Harvard
    • Yale
    • Browns
    • UCLA
  • Question of

    Name the money spinning classified ad website?

    • Craigslist
    • Daveslist
    • Liamslist
    • Jameslist
  • Question of

    Which of these is a leading video messaging service?

    • Skype
    • Instagram
    • Periscope
    • Twitter

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