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US TV Quiz: American TV Shows Challenge

Trivia about Americas TV Shows

People watch more TV now than ever before. 98.4% of Americans own at least one television and the industry is worth more now than ever. We’re testing your knowledge of the greatest TV shows ever created in the US TV Quiz: American TV Shows Challenge.

With just 10 questions, you will be able to prove yourself in minutes by completing theUS TV Quiz: American TV Shows Challenge. Form the Walking Dead to the Sopranos we really are covering it all with something for all tastes.

Take the quiz now to find out if you can be one of our champions or if you need to go back to bingeing shows on Netflix!

  • Question of

    Who is the original creator of the Got Talent series?

    • Simon Cowell
    • Nigel Lythgoe
    • Adam Shankman
    • Simon Fuller
  • Question of

    In what city was the original series of 24 set?

    • Los Angeles
    • New York
    • Chicago
    • Miami
  • Question of

    Who joined ‘Two and a Half Men’ after Charlie Sheen was sacked?

    • Ashton Kutcher
    • Clint Eastwood
    • Leonardo DiCaprio
    • Bradley Cooper
  • Question of

    Zooey Deschanel was an offbeat teacher in which sitcom?

    • New Girl
    • Community
    • Ugly Betty
    • Hot in Cleveland
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    Which actor plays the lead role in the TV show The Walking Dead?

    • Andrew Lincoln
    • Thomas Brodie-Sangstar
    • Alan Rickman
    • Navin Chowdhry
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    What is the first name of the main character in the TV show The Sopranos?

    • Tony
    • Christopher
    • Michael
    • Dominic
  • Question of

    Zach Braff in a hospital, it has to be…?

    • Scrubs
    • Frasier
    • Weeds
    • The Middle
  • Question of

    Tim Allan loves hunting, shooting and fishing in which comedy?

    • Outdoor Man
    • Roseanne
    • Everybody Loves Raymond
    • Last Man Standing
  • Question of

    Which sitcom was set in a Manhattan bar?

    • Mixology
    • The Neighbours
    • Trophy Wife
    • Sabrina
  • Question of

    Which TV show is about a small group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse?

    • The Walking Dead
    • Z Nation
    • American Horror Story
    • Breaking Bad

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