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American TV Quiz: The Big Challenge

Trivia about Long Forgotten Careers

Everyone loves binge watching a TV show. And America is renowned for creating some the most iconic shows in the world. In the American TV Quiz: The Big Challenge we’re putting to test all your US TV show knowledge with 10 quick questions.

The questions range from The Simpsons to Orange in the New Black. Therefore, we’ve got everything covered in the quiz. However, some of the questions are difficult, and you will struggle to get all 10 correct!

Take the American TV Quiz: The Big Challenge now to find out if you can become one of our champions and get all the questions right. Furthermore, make sure you share your results too as evidence!

  • Question of

    In what decade was the first series of Mad Men set?

    • 1960s
    • 1970s
    • 1980s
    • 1990s
  • Question of

    The character Frank Underwood is from which hit US TV show?

    • House of Cards
    • Lost
    • Breaking Bad
    • The Wire
  • Question of

    Which Charlie Sheen comedy is based on a Jack Nicholson film?

    • Anger Management
    • Mork & Mindy
    • Black-ish
    • Silicon Valley
  • Question of

    In what year did Orange is the New Black first air?

    • 2013
    • 2014
    • 2012
    • 2011
  • Question of

    Who plays the lead role in the TV show Grey’s Anatomy?

    • Ellen Pompeo
    • Sandra Oh
    • Chandra Wilson
    • Katherine Heigl
  • Question of

    Who created ‘The Simpsons’?

    • Matt Groening
    • Simon Cowell
    • Bill Clinton
    • Bart Simpson
  • Question of

    Quagmire is a main character in which show?

    • Family Guy
    • Ugly Betty
    • Futurama
    • Home Improvement
  • Question of

    which comedy introduced us to the genius that was Robin Williams?

    • Mork & Mindy
    • Happy Days
    • Anger Management
    • Looking
  • Question of

    Ted Danson ran a Boston bar in which classic comedy?

    • Cheers
    • The Golden Girls
    • Taxi
    • Everybody Hates Chris
  • Question of

    Name the show that made The Fonz a cult hero?

    • Happy Days
    • Bob’s Burgers
    • Mork & Mindy
    • Key and Peele

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