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Pop Music Quiz: Big Trivia Challenge

Trivia about Music and Pop

Play the Pop Music Quiz today!

This trivia challenge is perfect for you if you think of yourself as a bit of a pop fan. Pop rose to prominence in the 60s but did you know that it’s actually be around since the 20s? You won’t need to know the history of pop music to get all 10 questions correct in this quiz . You will, however, need to know your songs and their artists. And some of these questions aren’t easy!

Take the quiz now to find out how many you can get right; you may even find yourself learning a few new facts along the way. Make sure you share your results on social media to show off your knowledge to all your friends.

  • Question of

    Complete the title of Extreme’s 1991 hit: ‘More Than …’?

    • Words
    • I Can Say
    • A Woman
    • Enough
  • Question of

    Who released the song ‘Hot Stuff’ in 1979?

    • Donna Summer
    • Prince
    • Kate Bush
    • Kim Wilde
  • Question of

    What role did Brian Epstein play in the history of the Beatles?

    • Manager
    • John Lennon’s Stepfather
    • Backup Guitarist
    • Lyricist
  • Question of

    Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness was a 1990s Album by which band?

    • Smashing Pumpkins
    • Gin Blossoms
    • Third Eye Blind
    • Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Question of

    Who had a 1995 hit with ‘Boombastic’?

    • Shaggy
    • Warren G
    • Dr Dre
    • Easy E
  • Question of

    Diana Ross sang the hit song “Endless Love” with whom?

    • Lionel Richie
    • Stevie Wonder
    • Paul McCartney
    • Michael Jackson
  • Question of

    The Writing’s on the Wall was a hit album for which all girl group?

    • Destiny’s Child
    • Salt’n Pepper
    • TLC
    • The Spice Girls
  • Question of

    Who was the lead singer of the band INXS?

    • Michael Hutchence
    • Andrew Farriss
    • Kirk Pengilly
    • Garry Williams Beers
  • Question of

    What’s the title of the Lionel Richie album from which the No.1 single ‘Hello’ came?

    • Can’t Slow Down
    • Gotta Speed Up
    • Get Started
    • Cruisin’
  • Question of

    The album, Graduation, was released by which artist?

    • Kanye West
    • Will Smith
    • Dr. Dre
    • Nelly

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