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Gameboy Trivia: Electronics Quiz

Trivia about Electronic brands

Play the Gameboy Trivia today!

Over the last few decades, electronics has dominated our daily lives. From smartphones to email, it is hard to imagine a world where we aren’t using electronics daily. Therefore, in the Big Electronics Quiz we are testing your knowledge on everything electronics, from the typewriter to consoles.

Find out how well you can do by completing the Gameboy trivia game now. You may even find yourself reminiscing about some of the old classic electronics you used to use. With only 10 questions, the quick and fun Big Electronics Quiz will quickly tell your recollection of these classic electronic items is up to par. Be sure to share your results on social media to show off all your knowledge to your friends and family!

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    What is the name of the popular Nintendo handheld game system released in 1989?

    • GameBoy
    • 3DO
    • PSP
    • Super Nintendo
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    For which gaming platform did Nintendo release Super Mario Sunshine?

    • GameCube
    • Nintendo 64
    • Nintendo DS
    • Gameboy
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    What company is responsible for desktop computers with model numbers that begin with “GT”?

    • Gateway
    • Dell
    • IBM
    • Apple
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    What was the name of the new typewriter launched by IBM in 1960?

    • Golf ball typewriter
    • Basketball typewriter
    • Baseball typewriter
    • Tennis ball typewriter
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    Who was the computer pioneer who developed “user friendly” software?

    • Grace Murray Hopper
    • Leni Riefenstahl
    • Nettie Stevens
    • Wilhemina Gates
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    First appearing in the 1990s, what colour was the Nintendo Game Boy?

    • Grey
    • White
    • Green
    • Blue
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    What year did Bill Gates graduate from Harvard?

    • He Didn’t Graduate From College
    • 1979
    • 1990
    • 1984
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    Beats Electronic is best known for manufacturing what type of product?

    • Headphones
    • Games consoles
  • Question of

    What variable is typically used as a counter?

    • I
    • C
    • J
    • Counter
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    The “ThinkCentre” line of desktop computers is the product of which manufacturer?

    • IBM/Lenovo
    • HP
    • Compaq
    • Dell

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