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Trivia about Biblical events

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The Bible is the holy scripture of the Christian religion that tells the history of the Earth from its earliest creation to the modern day. Both the Old and New Testaments have changed over the centuries, including the publication of the King James Bible in 1611.

The Big Bible Quiz will test all your knowledge over ten questions. Therefore, this is the perfect way to test yourself on all areas of the bible. How much do you remember from religious studies at school?

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  • Question of

    “I am the Lord thy God” is which of the 10 Commandments?

    • 1st
    • 4th
    • 2nd
    • 3rd
  • Question of

    “In the beginning” are the first 3 words in which book?

    • Genesis
    • Exodus
    • Leviticus
    • Deuteronomy
  • Question of

    “Mother of all living” is the meaning of which name?

    • Eve
    • Adam
    • Mary
    • Jane
  • Question of

    A well known biblical couple are Solomon and who?

    • Sheba
    • Joseph
    • Mary
    • James
  • Question of

    According to the bible Jesus restored sight to how many blind people?

    • 6
    • 2
    • 100
  • Question of

    According to the bible who was Jesus’ father on earth?

    • Joseph
    • Jacob
    • Joshua
    • David
  • Question of

    According to the bible who was the first king of Israel?

    • Saul
    • Jesus
    • David
    • Jonas
  • Question of

    David slayed which giant?

    • Goliath
    • George
    • Soloman
    • David
  • Question of

    Eve ate the forbidden what in the garden of Eden?

    • Fruit
    • Earth
    • Gravel
    • Sweets
  • Question of

    Honor thy Father and thy Mother is which commandment?

    • 5th
    • 9th
    • 3rd
    • 1st

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