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Princess Diana’s Fame Quiz – Royal Family Trivia

Trivia about Princess Di

The Princess Diana’s Fame Quiz is the perfect quiz for any Princess Diana fan. Did you know that Abba was the princess’ favourite band? Of course you did. But as a word of warning, not all the questions in the quiz are that easy.

The quiz will have you racking you brain trying to remember all those facts from years gone by. Whether you remember the princess well or have heard your parents talking about her, the Princess Diana’s Fame Quiz is perfect opportunity to test your knowledge. You can even play against your family and friends by sharing the quiz and your results once you’ve completed it and seeing who can get the highest score!

  • Question of

    Who divorced Princess Diana in 1996?

    • Prince Charles
    • Prince William
    • Prince Philip
    • Prince Andrew
  • Question of

    Who introduced Prince Harry to his girlfriend Cressida Bonas?

    • Princess Eugenie
    • Prince William
    • Kate Middleton
  • Question of

    Who made an impassioned speech at the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997?

    • Earl Spencer
    • Prince William
    • Duke of Edinburgh
    • Mohamed al-Fayed
  • Question of

    Who previously wore the engagement ring belonging to Kate Middleton?

    • Princess Diana
    • Queen Elizabeth II
    • Princess Margaret
    • Princess Anne
  • Question of

    Who represented the Queen at the funeral of Princess Grace of Monaco?

    • Princess Diana
    • The Queen Mother
    • Princess Anne
    • Prince Philip
  • Question of

    Who was also killed in the car crash in which Princess Diana died in 1997?

    • Dodi Fayed
    • James Hewitt
    • Will Carling
    • Mohamed al-Fayed
  • Question of

    Who wrote the controversial 1992 book ‘Diana: Her True Story’?

    • Andrew Morton
    • Andrew Motion
    • Andrew Moston
    • Andrew Moores
  • Question of

    Princess Diana’s title was Princess of where?

    • Wales
    • Scotland
    • England
    • Ireland
  • Question of

    In what year was Princess Diana born?

    • 1961
    • 1971
    • 1981
    • 1951
  • Question of

    In what month was Princess Diana’s birthday?

    • July
    • December
    • May
    • January

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