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Life of Princess Diana Quiz – Royal Family Quiz

Trivia about how well you remember Princess Diana

It’s been almost 25 years since Princess Diana tragically passed away. Most people remember exactly where they were when they heard the news. We’re celebrating the life of the princess in the Life of Princess Diana Quiz.

We have 10 questions about the life and work of Princess Diana. Only her true fans will be able to get these questions correct. The Life of Princess Diana Quiz covers everything from the charities that she supported to who designed her wedding dress and will have you scratching you head, trying to remember the answers.

So, prove just how much you can remember by taking the quiz now. Find out just how well you can do in just a few minutes. You can even share the quiz with family and friends to see who can get the highest score.

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    Where had Princess Diana been dining prior to the car crash that killed her in 1997?

    • Ritz Hotel, Paris
    • The Savoy, London
    • El Bulli, Madrid
    • Daniel, NYC
  • Question of

    Which English singer performed at Princess Diana’s funeral?

    • Elton John
    • Phil Collins
    • Justin Bieber
    • Michael Jackson
    • Michael Jackson
  • Question of

    Which film is set mostly in the week following Princess Diana’s death?

    • The Queen
    • Twenty-four Seven
    • Apocalypto
    • The Departed
  • Question of

    Which First Lady attended the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997?

    • Hillary Clinton
    • Pat Nixon
    • Michelle Obama
    • Eleanor Roosevelt
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    Which homeless charity was supported by Princess Diana, William and Harry?

    • Centrepoint
    • Shelter
    • Oxfam
    • Red Cross
  • Question of

    Which royal bride spilled perfume all down the front of her wedding dress?

    • Lady Diana Spencer
    • Princess Elizabeth
    • Sarah Ferguson
    • Camilla Parker Bowles
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    Which was the first royal wedding to be followed by a kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace?

    • Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer
    • Princess Elizabeth & Prince Philip
    • Princess Margaret & Antony Armstrong-Jones
    • Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson
  • Question of

    Who conducted the famous Panorama interview with Diana?

    • Martin Bashir
    • David Dimbleby
    • Jeremy Paxman
    • David Attenborough
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    Who designed Princess Diana’s 1981 silk wedding dress, which had a 25ft train?

    • David and Elizabeth Emanuel
    • Christian Dior
    • Chanel
    • Versace
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    Who designed Princess Diana’s wedding dress?

    • The Emanuels
    • Chanel
    • Versace
    • Gucci

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