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UK Royals Quiz: The Big Trivia Challenge

Trivia about the UK’s Royal Family

The UK Royals Quiz: The Big Trivia Challenge will put all of your monarchy knowledge to the test. We have 10 questions about the family that even the most devoted fans will struggle to answer.

The quiz really does delve into how well you truly know them, and you may find yourself surprised to learn some of these little known facts.

So, take the UK Royals Quiz: The Big Trivia Challenge now to find out how many questions you can get correct. You may even find that that your family and friends want to play along too so be sure to share your results once you’ve finished the quiz.

  • Question of

    What title does Prince Edward use?

    • Earl of Wessex
    • Earl of Devon
    • Earl of Sussex
    • Earl of Kent
  • Question of

    Who is Prince Edward married to?

    • Sophie
    • Diana
    • Jane
    • Alexandra
  • Question of

    How many children does Prince Edward have?

    • 2
    • No
    • 1
    • 3
  • Question of

    What University did Prince Edward attend?

    • Cambridge
    • Oxford
    • Durham
    • York
  • Question of

    What branch of the Armed Forces did Prince Edward drop out from?

    • Marines
    • SAS
    • Navy
    • Paratroopers
  • Question of

    What was Sophie Rhys-Jones’ job before marrying Edward?

    • Public relations
    • Actress
    • Teacher
    • Nurse
  • Question of

    What is Prince Edward’s daughter called?

    • Louise
    • Anne
    • Elizabeth
    • Victoria
  • Question of

    In what year was Prince Andrew born?

    • 1960
    • 1964
    • 1962
    • 1955
  • Question of

    Who did Prince Andrew marry in 1986?

    • Sarah Ferguson
    • Diana Spencer
    • Sophie Rhys-Jones
    • Zara Phillips
  • Question of

    In what war did Prince Andrew serve as a helicopter pilot?

    • Falklands
    • Korean
    • Vietnam
    • Gulf War

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