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Old Drinks Trivia: Yes, That Really Was A Soda

Trivia about unusual sodas

The Old Drinks Trivia: Yes, That Really Was A Soda is bringing some of these old favourites back in the form of a 10 question quiz. Whether you remember all of these sodas off the top of your head, or the questions actually bringing back some fond memories, take the trip down memory lane and take the Old Drinks Trivia: Yes, That Really Was A Soda now.

Do you ever wonder why you can no longer ever seem to find some of your old favourite sodas? It’s probably because the soda has been discontinued. Over the last 100 years there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of sodas that have come and gone.

Make sure you share your results with your family and friends to see if they can beat your score. After all, there’s nothing better than a little competition is there?

  • Question of

    What colour is Irn Bru?

    • Orange
    • Pink
    • Green
    • Blue
  • Question of

    Which 1970s drink was marketed as “It’s frothy, man”?

    • Cresta Strawberry
    • Nesquik
    • Irn Bru
    • Vimto
  • Question of

    What flavour was the frothy variety of Cresta?

    • Strawberry
    • Cherry
    • Banana
    • Apple
  • Question of

    Kia-Ora takes its name from the native language of which country?

    • New Zealand
    • South Africa
    • Brazil
    • Canada
  • Question of

    What 80s drink slogan was “Get busy with the fizzy”?

    • Soda Stream
    • Tizer
    • Vimto
    • Pepsi
  • Question of

    Hi-C Ecto Cooler was originally made to tie in with which 80s movie?

    • Ghostbusters
    • Back to the Future
    • Flashdance
    • Dirty Dancing
  • Question of

    Sunny Delight was brought to the UK market from which country?

    • United States
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • South Africa
  • Question of

    In the 1970s, which fizzy drink did you only have when you were ill?

    • Lucozade
    • Appletise
    • Coca Cola
    • Vimto
  • Question of

    Irn Bru is associated with which part of the UK?

    • Scotland
    • Wales
    • Northern Ireland
    • England
  • Question of

    Tang juice was sold in what format?

    • Powder
    • Concentrate
    • Tablets
    • Leaves

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