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Name the 70s and 80s Kids Show Quiz

Trivia about 70s and 80s Kids TV Shows

You may have heard about TV from the 70s and 80s from your parents or may simply remember the decades yourself. Either way, the Name the 70s and 80s Show Quiz will test your knowledge on children’s TV from this era.

Whether Danger Mouse was your go to, or Inspector Gadget was your favourite, this era really did produce some classic children’s television. And you can relive 10 of those shows right here by taking the Name the 70s and 80s Show Quiz.

Be warned, some the questions may be difficult but the nostalgia that the Name the 70s and 80s Show Quiz will bring you will be worth it. Take the quiz now to see how high of a score you are able to achieve.

  • Question of

    Who was Scunner Campbell’s opponent?

    • Supergran
    • Superted
    • Bananaman
    • Miss Marple
  • Question of

    Wacaday was a spin off from which other show?

    • Wide Awake Club
    • Animal Magic
    • Grange Hill
    • Blue Peter
  • Question of

    Who was the fairy in Willo the Wisp?

    • Mavis
    • Rita
    • Edna
    • Cindy
  • Question of

    What type of animal is Roobarb in Roobarb and Custard?

    • Dog
    • Cat
    • Pony
    • Rabbit
  • Question of

    What was the name of the non-ghost owners of the Rentaghost business?

    • Meaker
    • Miller
    • Morris
    • Manners
  • Question of

    Who played Worzel Gummidge in the 1970s series?

    • Jon Pertwee
    • Sylvester McCoy
    • Peter Capaldi
    • Colin Baker
  • Question of

    What was the name of the drug addicted Grange Hill pupil in the 1980s?

    • Zammo
    • Zippo
    • Zokko
    • Zelda
  • Question of

    Who was Chris Tarrant’s female sidekick on Tiswas?

    • Sally James
    • Susie Johns
    • Sammy Marks
    • Sindy Neils

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