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1980s Music Trivia: Name the Song!

Trivia about Name That Song: ‘80s Music edition

Play the 1980s Music Trivia: Name the Song game today and see if you remember the great decade.

Do you remember songs like Softcell’s “Tainted Love”, a cult hit that was originally released in 1964 by Gloria Jones until it got reinvented by Softcell in 1981. Other hits you might recall include Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”, perhaps? Or Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”?

There were many big hits in the 1980s by huge stadium bands but lots of people also remember the one hit wonders. Who could forget Rick Astley or Living In A Box? In the Name That Song: 1980s Music Trivia you will find questions on Prince’s hits in the 1980s as well as songs released by UB40.

Good luck and remember to share your results when you’ve finished the Name That Song: ‘80s Music Trivia!

  • Question of

    On which album was the Prince hit ‘When Doves Cry’ first released?

    • Purple Rain
    • 1999
    • Sign o’the Times
  • Question of

    Robert Palmer had what number one hit in the 1980s?

    • Addicted To Love
    • Sara
    • These Dreams
  • Question of

    The band Toto had only one number one song in the 80s. What was it?

    • Africa
    • Missing You
    • Let’s Dance
  • Question of

    The Beach Boys returned to the charts in the 80s with what number one hit?

    • Kokomo
    • Sail On Sailor
    • Surf’s Up
  • Question of

    The group UB40 had a number one hit in the 80s with what song?

    • Red Red Wine
    • Batdance
    • Rock On
  • Question of

    Thriller’ was a huge hit album for which artist in the ’80s?

    • Michael Jackson
    • Lionel Richie
    • Luther Vandross
  • Question of

    Walk This Way’ was released by Run-D.M.C. in which year?

    • 1986
    • 1983
    • 1980
  • Question of

    What band did Joan Jett sing with on her albums?

    • The Blackhearts
    • The Backups
    • The Pacemakers

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