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Sounds Of The ‘80s: Music Trivia

Trivia about Sounds Of The ‘80s

Which partnership wrote ‘The Locomotion’, a hit for Kylie Minogue in ’88? If you‘re confident you know the answer to this question then the Sounds Of The ‘80s: Music Trivia could be right up your street, and you might even land a top score if you can clear through 10 questions on subjects just like the one above!

The 1980s produced some huge superstars like Whitney Houston and Wham! and in this Sounds Of The ‘80s: Music Trivia we’ll put your knowledge of this era to the test with quiz questions ranging from topics like The Police and U2. Get ready for your recollection of the 1980s to be challenged in the Sounds Of The ‘80s: Music Trivia!

Good luck completing in the Sounds Of The ‘80s: Music Trivia!

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    What TV star performed a hit song in the 80s called ‘Heartbeat’?

    • Don Johnson
    • Dirk Benedict
    • David Hasselhoff
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    What U2 song spent the most time at number one of the Billboard charts in the ’80s?

    • With Or Without You
    • Two Hearts Beat As One
    • Tomorrow
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    What was the only number one hit in the 1980s for Billy Idol?

    • Money Money
    • Rebel Yell
    • White Wedding
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    Which ’80s band wanted to: ‘make music like a factory would build a car, with a designer’s attention to detail’?

    • ABC
    • Spandau Ballet
    • Depeche Mode
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    Which artist had a 1986 hit with ‘Straight Up’?

    • Paula Abdul
    • Toni Basil
    • Janet Jackson
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    Which band released ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ in 1987?

    • Def Leppard
    • Duran Duran
    • Journey
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    Which early ’80s band was Belinda Carlisle a part of?

    • The Go-Go’s
    • Generation X
    • The Pointer Sisters
  • Question of

    Which of these artists released the song ‘Jump’ in 1984?

    • Van Halen
    • Kajagoogoo
    • A-Ha

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