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Historians believe that musical theatre dates back 2,500 years ago to ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks staged comedies and tragedies that included music and dance in open-air amphitheatres. We’re keeping it a bit more modern in the Musicals Trivia: The Big Musical Quiz though. We have 10 questions for you that are all about modern musicals. Some the questions are tough but if you think of yourself as a bit of a musical fan then I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

Take the Musicals Trivia: The Big Musical Quiz now to see how high you can score. And be sure to share your results and the quiz with your family and friends, they may even want to play the quiz themselves to try and beat your score.

  • Question of

    A Chorus Line is a musical about which art form?

    • Dance
    • Singing
    • Aerobics
    • Yoga
  • Question of

    A stalwart of British musicals for several decades is Michael who?

    • Ball
    • Bull
    • Bill
    • Brill
  • Question of

    All the characters in Starlight Express are what mode of transport?

    • Trains
    • Buses
    • Cars
    • Bikes
  • Question of

    Complete the name of this musical; “Bedknobs and …..”?

    • Broomsticks
    • Broomhandle
    • Crazywitch
    • Crazymagic
  • Question of

    Les Misérables is based in which country?

    • France
    • Scotland
    • Germany
    • Spain
  • Question of

    Maria joins the Von Trapp family as what in the Sound of Music?

    • Governess
    • Maid
    • Dancer
    • Singer
  • Question of

    Members of which pop group wrote the musical Mamma Mia?

    • ABBA
    • AHA
    • NWA
    • SOS
  • Question of

    Name the longest running Broadway musical?

    • Phantom of the Opera
    • Rent
    • Wicked
    • Cats
  • Question of

    The female lead character in the Sound of Music is who?

    • Maria
    • Martina
    • Marie
    • Martha
  • Question of

    The hit musical based on a Disney movie is called what?

    • The Lion King
    • The Lion Prince
    • The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    • The Lioness

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