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US Politics Factual Trivia – Current Affairs Quiz

Trivia about politics in the US

If you think of yourself as a politics fan then you need to put all your knowledge to the test in the US Politics Factual Trivia Quiz. Are you an American citizen trying to get some more about the history of its politics? Or do you simply have a wealth of knowledge about the country’s system? Either and are looking for an opportunity to prove it. Either way, the quiz will be perfect for you. You will be sure to learn some new facts. You may, additionally, be able to prove all your knowledge.

Complete the 10 questions in the US Politics Factual Trivia Quiz now. You can then use your score and evidence to show everyone how much you really know about the American system. You can even play along against friends and family by sharing the quiz once you’ve completed it and seeing if any of your friends can beat your score.

  • Question of

    The Louisiana Purchase in 1803, gave America how many square miles of Louisiana?

    • 828,000
    • 82,000
    • 8,000
    • 8 million
  • Question of

    When was Federal Hall built?

    • 1700
    • 1800
    • 1600
    • 1900
  • Question of

    Where was George Washington inaugurated?

    • Federal Hall
    • Capital Hall
    • Old Brick Capitol
    • The White House
  • Question of

    When did building start on the White House?

    • 1792
    • 1780
    • 1784
    • 1800
  • Question of

    When did the White House open?

    • 1800
    • 1804
    • 1794
    • 1790
  • Question of

    Why did the Quakers send a petition to the House of Representatives in 1790?

    • To abolish slavery
    • To ask a question about the Amendments
    • To demand more Quakers in the Government
    • To stop animal testing
  • Question of

    Who was ‘The First American’?

    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Charles Biddle
    • John Dickinson
    • Silas Deane
  • Question of

    Who was the first governor of Pennsylvania?

    • Thomas Miffin
    • Thomas McKean
    • Richard Peters
    • John Bayard
  • Question of

    Which of these was a rebellion in 1794?

    • Whiskey
    • Rum
    • Wine
    • Vodka
  • Question of

    Which of these is not one of the Four Freedoms of the United States?

    • Freedom of Hate
    • Freedom of Speech
    • Freedom of Worship
    • Freedom from Fear

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Trivia about politics in the USA

American Politics Trivia – Current Affairs Quiz

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