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007 Quiz James Bond Trivia Game

Trivia about James Bond

Play the 007 Quiz: James Bond Game today!

In the aptly named World’s Hardest James Bond Quiz we are testing your knowledge on the most well-known movie franchise ever created. We’re covering everything, for example, movie release years and actors featured in the films. However, the quiz is going to be hard. Therefore, only the best will be able to get our 10 score.

With only 10 questions, the World’s Hardest James Bond Quiz is the perfect opportunity to prove to everyone the you really are the greatest 007 fan out there. Find out if you have what it takes by taking the quiz now and don’t forget to share your score on your social media accounts for everyone to see. Your friends and family may even want to play game themselves to try and beat your score!

  • Question of

    What country is James Bond in, at the start of The Spy Who Loved Me?

    • Austria
    • Germany
    • France
    • Italy
  • Question of

    In Live And Let Die, Dr Kananga has a huge henchman called Tee Hee. What body part is Tee Hee missing?

    • An arm
    • A leg
    • An ear
    • An eye
  • Question of

    In ‘From Russia With Love’ we see 007 driving the car that Ian Fleming often gave him in the novels. What make of car was this?

    • Bentley
    • Rolls Royce
    • Aston Martin
    • Jaguar
  • Question of

    What are the first names of the two programmers who survive the Severnaya attack in GoldenEye?

    • Boris and Natalya
    • Ourumov and James
    • Boris and Ourumov
    • Natalya and Xenia
  • Question of

    Which Bond girl later went on to play Kitana in the ‘Mortal Kombat’ movies?

    • Talisa Soto
    • Cecilia Thomsen
    • Carey Lowell
    • Michelle Yeoh
  • Question of

    What is the name of the principal villain in Die Another Day? He’s played by Toby Stephens. Gustav…….

    • Graves
    • Gross
    • Goebbels
    • Goth
  • Question of

    In which of these Bond films does Q not appear?

    • Live And Let Die
    • Goldfinger
    • Octopussy
    • Licence To Kill
  • Question of

    Who directed the Bond film Die Another Day?

    • Lee Tamahori
    • Sam Mendes
    • Martin Campbell
    • John Glen
  • Question of

    What is the license plate number of the car that Goodnight gets locked in the boot of in the Man With The Golden Gun?

    • 7543
    • 7349 SC
    • 12 SMG 54
    • ST 22367
  • Question of

    What number in SPECTRE is Rosa Klebb in From Russia With Love?

    • 3
    • 5
    • 6
    • 2

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