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The Big James Bond Game

Trivia about Ian Fleming’s James Bond

How well do you know James Bond? Did you know that the first Bond film was Dr. No, released in 1962 with Bond being played by Sean Connery? Here is the perfect opportunity for you to prove all your Bond knowledge in the Big James Bond Game.

Even the most die-hard fans will struggle to get all 10 questions correct about the number one super spy James Bond. So, find out how well you can do by completing the quiz now. And don’t forget to share your results on social media so you can show off all your knowledge to all your family and friends. They may even want to play the Big James Bond Game themselves to try and beat your score.

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    Who directed the Bond film Casino Royale?

    • Martin Campbell
    • John Glen
    • Terence Young
    • John Glen
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    Which villain did Donald Pleasance play?

    • Ernst Stavro Blofeld
    • Dr. Julius No
    • Emilio Largo
    • Karl Stromberg
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    Who directed the Bond film A View to a Kill?

    • John Glen
    • Marc Forster
    • Terence Young
    • Michael Apted
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    Who directed the Bond film You Only Live Twice?

    • Lewis Gilbert
    • Marc Forster
    • Lee Tamahori
    • Michael Apted
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    In ‘The World is Not Enough’ what is the bad guy’s name?

    • Renard
    • Stromberg
    • Renault
    • Scaramanga
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    Which Bond film was released in 1973?

    • Live and Let Die
    • Diamonds Are Forever
    • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
    • You Only Live Twice
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    Which Bond film was released in 1962?

    • Dr. No
    • Spectre
    • From Russia with Love
    • Quantum of Solace
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    What is the name of Blofeld’s base in the Swiss Alps?

    • Piz Gloria
    • Zermatt Aire
    • Bali Aga
    • Akassia
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    Who actually wrote the famous James Bond ‘Theme’ is still debated between John Barry and Monty…?

    • Norman
    • Python
    • Carlo
    • Cassino
  • Question of

    Which Bond Theme Tune was NOT sung by Shirley Bassey?

    • You Only Live Twice
    • Goldfinger
    • Moonraker
    • Diamonds are Forever

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