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World War II Quiz Challenge: Battles

Trivia about World War II

Play the World War II Quiz Challenge today!

If you consider yourself a bit of a war historian then you should put your knowledge to the test and give this World War II Trivia Challenge a go if you think your skills are up to the mark!

In this 8-question round you’ll be presented with 4 multiple choice options on key milestone moments from World War II and it’s up to you to select the right answer!

The quiz includes all the key battles, the leaders and events of WWII.

The World War II Quiz Challenge is sure to challenge the most competitive history quizzers and war buffs so get ready and start now to be in with a chance of landing a top score!

  • Question of

    During World War II The Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward VIII) was made Governor of where?

    • Bahamas
    • Bermuda
    • British Virgin Islands
  • Question of

    During World War II the German cruiser Graf Spee was scuttled outside which harbour?

    • Montevideo
    • Rio de Janeiro
    • Rotterdam
  • Question of

    During World War II what did British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s ‘V’ sign symbolize?

    • Victory
    • Valiance
    • Valor
  • Question of

    Franklin D Roosevelt died suddenly in which month of 1945?

    • April
    • June
    • July
  • Question of

    Germany launched the first V1 Flying Rockets at Britain In what year?

    • 1944
    • 1943
    • 1945
  • Question of

    How did the U.S. officially enter World War II and specifically with Germany?

    • Germany declared war
    • Germany attacked U.S.
    • War was never declared
  • Question of

    How long did World War II last for?

    • 6 years 1 day
    • 1 year 1 day
    • 4 years 14 day
  • Question of

    “How many plane crashes did George Bush Sr. survive in World War II? “

    • Yes
    • 1
    • 2

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