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Travel Trivia Quiz: The World Travel Challenge

Trivia about Great World Travel 

In our Travel Trivia Quiz: The World Travel Challenge we’ll be testing you on your knowledge of various cultures and countries from around the world. This is a perfect quiz for the learned traveller who knows a thing or two about the places they visit! How well will you be able to do?

In this 10 question round, you’ll be pitted against questions that will prove how much you know about tourism in countries. We’re exploring countries including Russia, Italy and Japan. If you consider yourself a well seasoned traveler then you will fair well in this quiz. Furthermore, cultural history buffs and anyone with an interest in world cultures will also enjoy the quiz. This is a broad and varied question round so get ready to be challenged!

So, why wait? Take the quiz now to find out how you can do. And remember, when you’re done with the Travel Trivia Quiz share your results so you and other challengers can see how you faired! Good luck!

  • Question of

    “Athens of America” is the nickname of which U.S. city?

    • Boston
    • Chicago
    • Houston
    • Phoenix
  • Question of

    A silver painted statue of Lenin is found where?

    • Adler
    • Saint Petersburg
    • Moscow
    • Berlin
  • Question of

    Darjeeling, Varanasi and Goa are popular tourist destinations in which Asian country?

    • India
    • China
    • Nepal
    • Japan
  • Question of

    Fukuoka, Kyoto and Osaka are popular tourist destinations in which Asian country?

    • Japan
    • Nepal
    • Vietnam
    • Thailand
  • Question of

    In which city is the tourist attraction Pere-Lachaise Cemetery located?

    • Paris
    • Vichy
    • Toulouse
    • Nantes
  • Question of

    In which country is haggis considered a traditional dish?

    • Scotland
    • France
    • Italy
    • Austria
  • Question of

    In which European city is the Victoria and Albert Museum situated?

    • London
    • Paris
    • Lisbon
    • Rome

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