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The Ultimate Formula One Trivia Quiz

Trivia about F1

Whether you think of yourself as a bit of a Formula One whizz or you are simply are looking to brush up on your sporting knowledge, the Ultimate Formula One Trivia Quiz  is perfect for you. Formula One is a big money business with the average F1 car costing around $2 million dollars to build. On top of that, there are yearly maintenance costs, which can extend to more than $350 million.

In the Ultimate Formula One Trivia Quiz , we have 10 questions about the sport and its drivers that only the best sport fans will be able to get correct.

So take the quiz now to find out how well you can do and be sure to share your results to show off your knowledge to all your friends!

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    On what grounds did Jarno Trulli retired his Renault car in the 2002 Australian Grand Prix?

    • Spin Off
    • Bad Weather
    • Fatality
    • Engine Failure
  • Question of

    Who won the 2008 Formula One World Drivers’ Championship?

    • Lewis Hamilton
    • Felipe Massa
    • Kimi Raikkonen
    • Robert Kubica
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    Other than competing in Formula One, what other sporting peak did Japanese driver Ukyo Katayama achieve in 2002?

    • Climbing Everest
    • Running three marathons in a week
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    Which Formula 1 Grand Prix course is the shortest on the calendar?

    • Monaco Grand Prix
    • Malaysian Grand Prix
    • British
    • French
  • Question of

    After retiring from Formula One, James Hunt turned to breeding what?

    • Budgies
    • Miniature horses
    • Guinea pigs
    • Carp
  • Question of

    How many pole positions did Michael Schumacher make in his entire formula one career?

    • 68
    • 55
    • 98
    • 12
  • Question of

    Who won the 1958 Formula One World Drivers’ Championship?

    • Vanwall
    • Ferrari
    • Cooper
    • BRM
  • Question of

    How long does it take to shift gears with an average Formula One gearbox?

    • 0.05 seconds
    • 0.5 seconds
    • 5 seconds
    • 15 seconds
  • Question of

    Who became the youngest Formula One driver to start a race in 2009?

    • Jaime Alguersuari
    • Mike Thackwell
    • Ricardo Rodriguez
    • Fernando Alonso
  • Question of

    What is the longest sustained hard-corner in Formula 1?

    • Istanbul Park’s Turn Eight
    • Monza’s Parabolica
    • Brands Hatch corner 4
    • Sepang International Circuit Corner

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