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Politics Quiz: World Leaders Game

Trivia about World Leaders

Play the politics quiz today!

Do you think you’re knowledgeable when it come to some of the world’s most famous leaders? If so, the Epic World Leaders Quiz is the perfect quiz for you. With only 10 questions, this quick and fun quiz will quickly give the evidence you need to show off your knowledge to all your friends.

From Gaddafi to Obama, the Epic World Leaders Quiz has it all and will likely have you stumped, trying to remember all those facts you learned in your history class. So, why wait? Take the Epic World Leaders Quiz now to find out how well you can do and be sure to share the quiz on your social media accounts so everyone can see your score!

How well did you do on the politics quiz?

  • Question of

    Hu Jintao was General Secretary of which country until he stepped down in 2013?

    • China
    • Vietnam
    • Japan
    • North Korea
  • Question of

    In September 2010 who was re-elected for a record fourth time as President of the Indian National Congress?

    • Sonia Gandhi
    • Benazir Bhutto
    • Rajiv Gandhi
    • Arjun Singh
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    US President Barack Obama was born in which US state?

    • Hawaii
    • New York
    • Alaska
    • Texas
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    Who became the 26th President of the USA in 1901?

    • Theodore Roosevelt
    • William Howard Taft
    • Woodrow Wilson
    • Warren G. Harding
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    The Syrian civil war can be dated from when?

    • March 2011
    • March 2009
    • March 2008
    • March 2012
  • Question of

    What alleged incident in Syria in September 2013 caused an international outcry?

    • Chemical weapons attack
    • Nuclear weapons attack
    • Terrorist bomb
    • A tank assault
  • Question of

    How long had Colonel Gaddafi ruled Libya before his death in 2011?

    • 42 years
    • 32 years
    • 12 years
    • 22 years
  • Question of

    Rebels from which group were allegedly responsible for the death of Colonel Gaddafi in 2011?

    • National Transitional Council
    • Libyan National Council
    • Council of Tripoli
    • Council of Benghazi
  • Question of

    Colonel Gaddafi was killed in 2011 in which Libyan city?

    • Sirte
    • Tripoli
    • Benghazi
    • Misrata
  • Question of

    Who became the first woman to hold the office of Brazilian president in 2011?

    • Dilma Rouseff
    • Olivia Dutra
    • Linda Sanchez
    • Rosanna Meireles

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