Word Definition Trivia: And the definition is?

Trivia about word definitions

Word Definition Trivia: And the definition is? will put your English to the test with 10 quick questions. The premise is simple, all you need to do is tell us what the word is from these definitions. Whether you consider yourself a wordsmith or are looking expand your vocabulary, the quiz will out you to the test.

The first English dictionary was A Table Alphabeticall, written by Robert Cawdrey in 1604. There is still a copy found at the Bodleian Library in Oxford. Much like living things, words and their definitions are constantly evolving over time.

Take Word Definition Trivia: And the definition is? now to find out how well you can do and be sure to share your results with family and friends.

  • Question of

    A disclaimer of an error or offense is an?

    • Apology
    • Dismissal
    • Shrug
    • Shore
  • Question of

    A hatred of women is?

    • Misogyny
    • Abhorrence
    • Marriage
    • Acceptance
  • Question of

    A length of 1000 meters is a?

    • Kilometer
    • Kilowatt
    • Mile
    • Nautical Mile
  • Question of

    A linguist can do what?

    • Speak Several Languages
    • Run a mile in under 4 minutes
    • Write in Hebrew
    • Talk backwards
  • Question of

    A Maze is defined as a what?

    • Labyrinth
    • Grain
    • a LOL expression
    • Internet term for coding
  • Question of

    A mendicant is a?

    • Beggar
    • Barman
    • Manager
    • Linguist
  • Question of

    A model of excellence is a?

    • Paragon
    • Peer
    • Hero
    • Statue
  • Question of

    A performance by one person is a?

    • Monologue
    • Play
    • Concert
    • Revue
  • Question of

    A pleasant or agreeable odor is an?

    • Aroma
    • Stink
    • Smell
    • Switch
  • Question of

    A rabble rousing leader is a what?

    • Demagogue
    • Troublemaker
    • Smartass
    • Jesus

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