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Ancient History Trivia: The Mini Quiz

Trivia about Ancient History 

How much do you know about our earliest history and civilisations? In the Ancient History Trivia: The Mini Quiz, we’ll be sending you way back to the years 3000 BC500 AD. How many questions you can answer about this time period?

This was a period of huge accelerated growth for the human race. When population sizes in many parts of the world were growing at a rate of never seen since. It was the age of the Neolithic Revolution, and later, the Iron Age in 1000 BC.

In the Ancient History Trivia: The Mini Quiz you’ll be facing questions on topics including the world of the Ancient Egyptians, and the Roman Empire, as well as some of the Ancient literature emerging from the period.

God luck at completing the quiz and remember to share your results when you are done!

  • Question of

    “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” were written approximately when?

    • 800 BC
    • 500 BC
    • 200 BC
    • 10 BC
  • Question of

    A sarcophagus was the ancient Egyptian equivalent of a modern-day what?

    • Coffin
    • Grave
    • Temple
    • Will
  • Question of

    According to Greek polytheism, Zeus had two brothers. Who were they?

    • Poseidon and Hades
    • Hades and Apollo
    • Ares and Apollo
    • Ares and Hades
  • Question of

    According to legend, which pair of twins founded Rome in around 750BC?

    • Romulus and Remus
    • Jedward
    • Sam and Amanda Marchant
    • Jerry and Terry Hall
  • Question of

    Alaric was king of which ancient people?

    • Visigoths
    • Hun
    • Celts
    • Mayan
  • Question of

    Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife, has the head of which animal?

    • A Jackal
    • A Coyote
    • A Falcon
    • An Asp
  • Question of

    Approximately how many soldiers made up a Roman legion?

    • 5000
    • 500
    • 1500
    • 100
  • Question of

    Approximately how much of the European population was wiped out by the Black Death in the Middle Ages?

    • One Third
    • One Fifth
    • Half
    • A Quarter
  • Question of

    Ares was the Greek god of what?

    • War
    • Peace
    • Love
    • Plants

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