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Medieval Times Trivia: The Big Quiz

Trivia about Life In Medieval Times 

Welcome to the Medieval Times Trivia: The Big Quiz.

Everyone has heard of both the Roman and Ancient Empires, but how much do you really know about this time period in our history books? In the quiz you’ll be put to the test. How well you can score on this subject?

To achieve a perfect 10 out of 10 result in the quiz, you’ll need to prove your skills in a number of topics. We have questions relating to both Ancient and Medieval History. Throughout the 10-question round you’ll be quizzed on the great rulers of these empires. As well as famous philosophers still studied at universities today. In the Medieval Times Trivia: The Big Quiz, you’ll also have to face questions on now iconic figures that have been the subject of film, stories and legends ever since the fall of empires many centuries ago!

Don’t forget to share your results to show off all your knowledge! Your friends can even play along and try to beat your score. Good luck.

  • Question of

    Aristotle was a student of which philosopher?

    • Plato
    • Epicurus
    • Democritus
    • Thales
  • Question of

    Babylon was the capital of which of these ancient empires?

    • Persian
    • Carthaginian
    • Egyptian
    • Roman
  • Question of

    Brunelleschi, Ghiberti, Donatello and Masaccio are known as what?

    • Inventors of the New Style
    • The Prince’s
    • The Divine Four
    • The Dutch Designers
  • Question of

    Charlemagne was crowned on what day in 800 A.D.?

    • Christmas
    • Easter
    • New Years Day
    • New Years Eve
  • Question of

    Cleopatra was famously romantically linked to whom?

    • Mark Antony
    • Augustus Caesar
    • Alexander the Great
    • Attila the Hun
  • Question of

    Cyrus the Great was a ruler of which ancient empire?

    • Persian
    • Byzantine
    • Carthaginian
    • Roman
  • Question of

    Dante Alighieri wrote which book during the Renaissance?

    • Divine Comedy
    • Praise and Folly
    • The Prince
    • War and Peace
  • Question of

    Dido was the founder and first queen of which civilization?

    • Carthage
    • Assyria
    • Babylon
    • Byzantium
  • Question of

    During the Middle Ages, what did leapers have to carry to warn others of their disease?

    • Rattle
    • Rose
    • Cross
    • Red Headband
  • Question of

    During the process of mummification, the brain was removed through which facial opening?

    • The Nose
    • The Eye Sockets
    • The Ears
    • The Mouth

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