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Art Trivia: The Ultimate Challenge

Trivia about knowing Art

Art can be defined in numerous ways. However, the modern definition is ‘something that is created with imagination and skill’. Therefore, imagination plays a key role in making any piece of art. Art Trivia: The Ultimate Challenge is putting all your knowledge about art to the test. From plays to dances, this quiz really does cover all of the arts. It will have you scratching your head looking for answers.

We have 10 questions in the quiz and this is a quick way for you to prove you know your stuff.

So, why wait? Take Art Trivia: The Ultimate Challenge now. And be sure you share your results with your friends and family to show them just who the artist is amongst them!

  • Question of

    Claude who was a famous French artist?

    • Monet
    • Money
    • Moner
    • Monte
  • Question of

    Edvard Munch’s most famous work is called what?

    • The Scream
    • The Yell
    • The Cry
    • The Joy
  • Question of

    Flamenco is a traditional dance from which country?

    • Spain
    • England
    • France
    • Italy
  • Question of

    Leonardo da Vinci was from which country?

    • Italy
    • England
    • USA
    • Scotland
  • Question of

    Rembrandt was what nationality?

    • Dutch
    • English
    • Australian
    • Peruvian
  • Question of

    The Blue Danube is a waltz by which composer?

    • Strauss
    • Mozart
    • Handel
    • Beethoven
  • Question of

    The opera on which hit musical Rent is based in called what?

    • La Boheme
    • La Bohemia
    • La Bohemian
    • La Boho
  • Question of

    The theatrical district of New York has which name?

    • Broadway
    • Broad Street
    • Broad Avenue
    • Broad Road
  • Question of

    Tosca is a famous…..?

    • Opera
    • Ballet
    • Song
    • Dance
  • Question of

    What is the longest running play in the West End?

    • The Mousetrap
    • The Rattrap
    • The Mousehole
    • The Foxden

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