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Artists & Masterpieces Trivia Quiz

Trivia about Artists and their Masterpieces

The Artists and their Masterpieces Trivia Quiz is going to put all your knowledge to the test. Whether you are an art graduate, have a keen interest in famous artwork or simply want to learn some new facts, the quiz is for you.

The first known work of art, an engraved shell, was created 500,000 years ago. And over the last few centuries there have been hundreds of famous artists appear. These artists are often not even famous until long after they’ve passed away.

Take the Artists and their Masterpieces Trivia Quiz now to find out if you can get 10 out of 10 and prove your knowledge of these famous paintings and their artists. And why not share the quiz with you friends to see if you can beat their score.

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    Jean-Michel Basquiat used which pseudonym when doing his graffiti/street paintings?

    • Samo
    • Sumo
    • Spam
    • Soup
  • Question of

    Kindred Spirits was which artists tribute to his friend Thomas Cole?

    • Durand
    • Durante
    • Dortant
    • Domaine
  • Question of

    Manet’s ‘picnic’ painting is called “lunch on the…..”?

    • Grass
    • Bench
    • Table
    • Stool
  • Question of

    Riverboat men on which river are the subject of a famous work by Bingham?

    • Mississippi
    • Nile
    • Amazon
    • The Thames
  • Question of

    Roy Lichtenstein was one of the founding members of which art movement?

    • Pop Art
    • Cubism
    • Impressionism
    • Street Art
  • Question of

    Salvator Mundi was painted by which Italian master?

    • Leonardo da Vinci
    • Georgia O’Keeffe
    • Jackson Pollock
    • Damian Hirst
  • Question of

    The art deco style painting Jack-In-The-Pulpit was created by who?

    • Georgia O’Keeffe
    • Georgie Orwell
    • Georgina Otis
    • Gee O’Quinn
  • Question of

    The Conversion of Saint Paul was painted by which Italian artist?

    • Caravaggio
    • Picasso
    • Van Gogh
    • Klimt
  • Question of

    The Dali painting Persistence of Memory shows melting what?

    • Timepieces
    • 10 Fish
    • Trees
    • Trumpets
  • Question of

    The Migration series of paintings come from which artist?

    • Jacob Lawrence
    • Joe Larry
    • Jonah Lewell
    • Jenson Lowell

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