Classic Paintings Trivia: The Big Quiz

Trivia about Perfect Paintings

So, you think you know your Picasso’s from your Monet’s? Or your Munch’s from your da Vinci’s? Classic Paintings Trivia: The Big Quiz is going to put all that knowledge (and more) to the test. We have 10 questions for you that will have you trying to remember who created what masterpieces.

Whether you have a have a keen interest in art, and art degree or are just looking to learn some new information, the quiz is perfect for you. Some of these questions won’t be easy and may have you racking your brain for the answers, but if you can get 10 out of 10 you will be one of our champions.

Take Classic Paintings Trivia: The Big Quiz to see how well you can do. And be sure to share your results with your friends and family so you can show off all the knowledge you have!

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    Which painting depicts Jesus and his 12 disciples?

    • The Last Supper
    • The Sistine Chapel
    • The First Breakfast
    • Doomsday
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    Which painting was stolen by armed robbers for the second time in 2004?

    • The Scream
    • Mona Lisa
    • 8 Elvises
    • Sunflowers
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    Who created the famous image of cans of Campbell’s soup?

    • Andy Warhol
    • Jackson Pollock
    • David Hockney
    • Damian Hirst
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    Who painted Sunflowers?

    • Van Gogh
    • Joseph Stella
    • Claude Monet
    • Tracey Emin
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    Who painted the Mona Lisa?

    • Leonardo da Vinci
    • Paul Gaugin
    • Henry Moore
    • Rembrandt
  • Question of

    Who painted the portrait of Whistler’s Mother?

    • Whistler
    • Hummer
    • Singer
    • Muser
  • Question of

    Albert Bierstadt painted an outstanding landscape incorporating which mountains?

    • Sierra Nevada
    • Appalachians
    • Andes
    • The Alps
  • Question of

    An event that happened in Havana harbor inspired which Copley painting?

    • Watson & the Shark
    • Ward & the Fish
    • Wark & the Crab
    • Windsor & the Pike
  • Question of

    An iconic domestic scene from Normal Rockwell is portrayed in which painting?

    • Freedom From Want
    • No More Wanting
    • Walk to Freedom
    • Last Days
  • Question of

    Brooklyn Bridge is a famous painting by which USA artist?

    • Joseph Stella
    • Jackson Pollock
    • James Dean
    • Claude Monet

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