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Best Of Eurovision Trivia

Trivia about Guessing That Eurovision Song 

In Eurovision, Edyta Gorniak was the first person to represent which country, coming 2nd in 1994? If you know your Eurovision history and can answer this question then you should certainly have a go at this Best Of Eurovision Trivia if you want to prove your skills in this quick-fire 10-question round!

In the Best Of Eurovision Trivia, we’ll asking you to dig deep into you knowledge of Eurovision song history. You’ll be tackling questions on former winners, and maybe the odd runner up, as well as questions on artists from across the years and the countries they represent. You may remember some of the standout artists who found fame outside of the contest but only a true Eurovision fan would be able to score a perfect 10/10 in the Best Of Eurovision Trivia. So if you think you have what it takes then what are you waiting for? Prove your knowledge in this mini quiz and remember to share your results when you’re done!

  • Question of

    ‘Awakening’ was the logo when which nation hosted Eurovision in 2005?

    • Ukraine
    • Finland
    • Serbia
  • Question of

    Alevdansen was a 2006 entry sung in what language?

    • Norwegian
    • Greek
    • French
  • Question of

    Alsou was runner up in the 2000 contest representing Russia. What was the title of her song?

    • Solo
    • On My Own
    • Alone
  • Question of

    Anjeza Shihini was the first act to represent which nation in Eurovision?

    • Albania
    • Andorra
    • Croatia
  • Question of

    Azerbjain debuted in the Eurovision Song contest in which year?

    • 2008
    • 2013
    • 2003
  • Question of

    BHT is the home broadcaster of what Eurovision nation?

    • Bosnia
    • Croatia
    • Greece
  • Question of

    Brainstorm were the first act to represent which nation in Eurovision?

    • Lativa
    • Lithuania
    • Russia
  • Question of

    Carola won the contest for Sweden in which year?

    • 1991
    • 1995
    • 1990
  • Question of

    Catalan were the first act to represent which nation in Eurovision?

    • Andorra
    • Albania
    • Spain
  • Question of

    Complete the slogan of the 2004 contest ‘Under The Same ___’?

    • Sky
    • Clouds
    • Earth

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