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Pop Music Trivia Game: The Ultimate Quiz

Trivia about Pop Songs

Are you a pop music fan? Do you think you know everything about the pop music genre? Well the only way to prove yourself is by taking the Pop Music Trivia Game: The Ultimate Quiz.

The quiz features 10 questions about some of the most famous pop songs, and their artists, that have ever been released. However, some of the questions in the quiz aren’t easy. But even if you can’t get all the answers correct, you’ll be sure to learn a few new facts!

Take the Pop Music Trivia Game: The Ultimate Quiz to prove all that knowledge you have. Be sure to share your results with you family and friends on social media, they may even want to play themselves to try and beat your score!

  • Question of

    Mariah Carey covered which Jackson 5 classic?

    • I’ll Be There
    • ABC
    • I Want You Back
    • The Love You Save
  • Question of

    Mr Brightside was a 2005 release by which band?

    • The Killers
    • Kings of Leon
    • White Stripes
    • Weezer
  • Question of

    What nationality is Kylie Minogue?

    • Australian
    • British
    • American
    • New Zealander
  • Question of

    Monkey Business is a 2005 album by which band?

    • Black Eyed Peas
    • Fugees
    • M People
    • No Doubt
  • Question of

    Which of these songs was Beyonce’s first solo hit single?

    • Work it Out
    • Fighting Temptation
    • Crazy in Love
    • If I Was a Boy
  • Question of

    Meghan Trainor released which global hit in 2014?

    • All About The Bass
    • Yellow Taxi
    • Set Me Free
    • Happy
  • Question of

    Songs In A Minor was the début album from which superstar?

    • Alicia Keys
    • Beyonce
    • Shakira
    • Amy Winehouse
  • Question of

    Madonna had a hit with which Don McLean track?

    • American Pie
    • Vincent
    • Dreidel
    • If We Die
  • Question of

    What is the Oscar winning song from the 2013 film Frozen?

    • Let It Go
    • Let It Be
    • Let It Down
    • Let It Lie
  • Question of

    Who was guest vocalist on UB40’s ‘I Got You Babe’?

    • Chrissie Hynde
    • Tina Turner
    • Cher
    • Debbie Harry

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