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General Knowledge Quiz: The Challenge

Trivia about how smart you are

Are you a bit of an expert at answering general knowledge questions? Or do you prefer the odd pub quiz to test your abilities? Either way, no matter how serious a quiz player you are, our General Knowledge Quiz: The Challenge is designed to stretch your grasp of various subjects and disciplines.

We have everything from music hits of the 80s, through to TV and advertising in previous decades,. The quiz covers a broad spectrum of subjects. We’re even touching on history and current affairs. Have a go at this 10-question quiz if you think you have what it takes. However, be warned, it won’t be easy.

So, why wait? Take the quiz now. Good luck and remember to share your results when you’re finished! After all, nothing beats some friendly competition.

  • Question of

    .de is the top-level domain name for which country?

    • Germany
    • Denmark
    • Greece
    • Peru
  • Question of

    .gr is the top-level domain name for which country?

    • Greece
    • Italy
    • Germany
    • Bolivia
  • Question of

    .ru is the top-level domain name for which country?

    • Russia
    • Rwanda
    • Poland
    • Georgia
  • Question of

    ‘Mother and Child Divided’ helped which artist win the 1995 Turner Prize?

    • Damien Hirst
    • Rachel Whiteread
    • Tracy Emin
    • Anish Kapoor
  • Question of

    ‘The Iliad’ was composed by whom?

    • Homer
    • Ovid
    • Sappho
    • W. H. Auden
  • Question of

    ‘West Country Farmhouse’ is a protected designation of origin of what food?

    • Cheddar cheese
    • Melton Mowbray pork pie
    • Scotch Egg
    • Cornish pasty
  • Question of

    ‘Whistlejacket’ by George Stubbs is a portrait of what?

    • A horse
    • A soldier
    • A boy
    • A dog
  • Question of

    “A Whole New World” won a Best Song Oscar in 1991. What movie was it from?

    • Aladdin
    • The Lion King
    • Beauty And The Beast
    • Toy Story
  • Question of

    “Accidentally in Love” is a song from which animated sequel?

    • Shrek 2
    • Toy Story 2
    • Cars 2
    • Lion King 2
  • Question of

    “Adore You” is the opening track of which Miley Cyrus album?

    • Bangerz
    • Breakout
    • Younger Now
    • Hannah Montana

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