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Trivia games are our business and our passion. Big Daily Trivia is the number one place for trivia games on the internet. We have over 250 trivia topics that cover all your favourite categories. Each trivia category contains 500+ fun trivia quizzes for you to play. Our team of professional writers update the trivia content on a daily basis. We ensure that all games are the very best quiz on the internet.
Each quiz contains ten multiple choice questions with four possible answers. The questions are factually correct and entertaining to play. Test your knowledge on any topic and see how much you know. You can share your scores with your friends via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
We have a very dedicated and loyal audience who love fun trivia games. We constantly update our website with the latest content. If you want us to add a new topic then please get in touch.
The team who created Big Daily Trivia have over 20 years of experience of creating consumer trivia products. These products have included board games, DVD games and console trivia games. We also run the largest trivia licensing company called The Question Co. We offer 300,000 questions that are available for license to any mobile app, website publishers and TV shows.

Trivia Questions – Popular Categories

Big Daily Trivia contains the most popular trivia categories on the internet. Our players love trivia and our goal is to give them the best trivia experience. We want our audience to love playing our trivia questions. We have made a commitment to deliver a premium quiz experience to our website visitors.

Entertainment Trivia Games

This quiz topic contains movie quizzes, TV trivia, celebrity quizzes, music trivia and more. Our quiz games span every decade from the 1940s to 2010s. This section is one of our most popular topics and contains 1000s of quizzes. If you love music, film or celebrity then we have high quality trivia questions for you. Play our entertainment trivia quizzes by clicking here.

Sport Trivia Games

This quiz category contain trivia games from the most popular sports in the world. These include football, NFL, cricket, rugby, boxing and more. The trivia questions are a challenge for the biggest sports fan. You can test your sport trivia knowledge on all these topics. Play our sports trivia challenges by clicking here.

History Trivia and Geography Quizzes

History trivia and geography quizzes are some of the most popular trivia games on our site. We have questions on all eras of history from kings and queens to WWII. The geography trivia games include capital cities, Europe and USA. These quizzes are ideal for students and teachers alike. Play our history trivia challenges by clicking here.

Maths Puzzles and Spelling Quizzes

We have 100s of maths puzzles and spelling quizzes. These are perfect for students and teachers. Test your knowledge of complex maths puzzles and see how good your spelling is. We also have a range of language trivia games. Test yourself today on these games by clicking here.

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Food Quizzes and Cooking Trivia

We have 100s of food quizzes and cooking trivia games. These include all your favourite world cuisines. Play our quizzes and help improve your skills in the kitchen. Click here to play.

Music Trivia Games

We have one of the largest collections of music trivia challenges on the internet. Whether you like pop music, 1990s music or classical music we have trivia quizzes for you. Click to play our music trivia games by clicking here

Fun Trivia – Entertaining Daily Quizzes

We believe that trivia needs to be entertaining. Many online quizzes are just facts, we try to make our website has fun trivia. What makes a fun quiz? It is the way the trivia question is written. It is the wide range of content that entertains all visitors. We ensure that all our writers are briefed to ensure that the content they write is fun.

Trivia Questions and Answers vs Multiple Choice Questions

Many trivia lovers debate whether trivia questions and answers is more fun than multiple choice questions. We believe that trivia games should be fun and both genres deliver that. Our website is multiple choice questions but in the future we will also be adding trivia question and answers. Other popular trivia question types include correct order genre and image and questions.

Trivia Games Online

There are many places to find trivia games online. However, many of these websites rely on user generated trivia. This means the quiz questions are poorly written and often incorrect. We have a team of professional question writers that ensure we have the very best trivia games online. We appreciate user feedback so get in touch.

Trivia Games at Big Daily Trivia

Current Trivia Games

We ensure that we have current trivia challenges to play. These means that we are constantly writing new trivia content for our website. We want our players to always have access to the latest trivia. The world changes quickly and we do our best to keep our questions current and up to date.

Trivia Quizzes – Brain Training

There has been lots of research into the benefits of trivia quizzes. Trivia quizzes can benefit your intelligence and improve your problem solving abilities. 5 years ago researchers at King’s College London tested whether brain training could improve cognitive function in the older population. The study proved that playing trivia games can aid older people to improve their daily activities. You can read more about this study by clicking here.

Quiz Games – The Future of Entertainment

Big Daily Trivia is the future of quiz games online. We have the very best trivia quizzes online. Our multiple choice question database is growing fast. Play our online quizzes today and let us know if we are missing your favourite topic. We love trivia and online quizzes and our passion is to offer the best quizzing experience. Please get in touch with any feedback.

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