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Movie Stars Quiz: The Ultimate Challenge

Trivia about Movie Stars

Robert Downy Jr. is arguably the biggest movie star currently, having been the lead actor in the two biggest opening weekends in cinema history. The Movie Stars Quiz: The Ultimate Challenge features 10 questions about the biggest stars in Hollywood. We have questions about everyone from Meryl Streep to Sandra Bullock, so the quiz is the perfect way for you to showcase all your knowledge of current movies stars.

Whether you’re a film buff or simply follow a number of movie stars on social media, this will be the perfect quiz for you. So, take the play now to see how many questions you can get right, and why not share you score and the quiz with your friends. They may even want to try the quiz themselves to try and beat you!

  • Question of

    Actor Mark Wahlberg used to rap under what moniker?

    • Marky Mark
    • DJ Jazzy Jeff
    • Kris Kross
    • Young MC
  • Question of

    Actress Sandra Bullock won her first and only Oscar for what movie?

    • The Blind Side
    • Gravity
    • The Proposal
    • Miss Congeniality
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    Curly, Larry and Moe are all members of what movie comedy group?

    • The Three Stooges
    • The Marx Brothers
    • The Ritz Brothers
    • The Bowery Boys
  • Question of

    For which movie did Daniel day Lewis win an Academy Award for Best Actor?

    • There Will Be Blood
    • Gangs Of New York
    • In The Name Of The Father
    • Last Of The Mohicans
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    Meryl Streep picked up her first Academy Award win for acting with what movie?

    • Kramer Vs. Kramer
    • Sophie’s Choice
    • Postcards From The Edge
    • Adaptation
  • Question of

    MMA fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson tried his hand at acting in what movie?

    • The A-Team
    • The Expendables
    • Bullet To The Head
    • Guardians Of The Galaxy
  • Question of

    Oscar winning actor Jared Leto also performs with what band?

    • 30 Seconds To Mars
    • The Pixies
    • Imagine Dragons
    • My Chemical Romance
  • Question of

    Robert Downey Jr. starred in what comic book movie series?

    • Iron Man
    • Batman
    • Spider-Man
    • The Incredible Hulk
  • Question of

    Taylor Lautner is best known for starring in what movie series?

    • Twilight
    • Star Wars
    • The Lord Of The Rings
    • The Dark Knight
  • Question of

    Tobey Maguire played what comic book hero on the big screen?

    • Spider-Man
    • Batman
    • Captain America
    • Mr. Incredible

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